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Related article: Buy Alli Online Uk Mary Whitmer, the wife of Peter Whitmer, Sr., also reported seeing the plates in supernatural or visionary experiences (see Investigating the Book of Mormon Witnesses by Richard Lloyd Anderson). She said she saw the angel Moroni, conversed with him, and was shown the gold Buy Alli Weight Loss plates as a Alli 120 Mg comfort and testimony to Alli Uk Buy her while she Best Price On Alli kept house for a large party during the translation work (Peterson, H. Donl. Moroni: Ancient Prophet, Modern Messenger. Bountiful, Utah, 1983. pp. 114, 116). Most of her immediate family was directly involved with Joseph Smith and/or the translation. Plates returned to Moroni After the work of translation was complete and after the visionary experiences of the Special Witnesses, Smith reported that the plates were returned to Moroni in the summer of 1829. Many Latter Day Saints believe that Moroni returned the plates to the Hill Cumorah and that other ancient records lie buried there. Physical description Smith said Moroni used the term "gold plates" rather than "golden plates." Smith's brother William believed that the plates were "a mixture of gold and copper." Other witnesses said the plates had the "appearance of gold" and were sheets of metal about 6 inches wide by 8 inches high and somewhat thinner than common tin. The Alli 120 Refill plates were said to be bound together with three rings, and made a book about Order Alli Online 6 inches thick. Alli Tablets Reports from Smith and others who lifted the plates (while wrapped in cloth or contained within a box) agree that Alli Best Price they weighed about 60 pounds. In his famous letter to Chicago Democrat publisher John Wentworth ([1]), Smith Buy Cheap Alli wrote: "These records were engraven on plates which had the appearance of gold, each plate was six inches [150 mm] wide and eight inches [200 mm] long, and not quite so thick as common tin... The volume was something near six inches [150 mm] in thickness, a part of Alli 120 Pack which was sealed." These plates are typically referred to as the "gold plates" or other similar phrases. William Smith Generic Alli (Joseph's brother) wrote in an 1883 account: "I was permitted Alli Online Uk to lift them as they laid in a pillow-case; but not to see them, as it was contrary to the commands he had received. They weighed about sixty Buy Alli On Line pounds [22 kg if troy pounds, 27 kg if avoirdupois] according to the best of my judgment." Other plates in the Latter Day Saint tradition In addition to the Golden Plates, there are several other mentions of ancient records recorded on metal plates in the Latter Day Saint tradition. The Alli Refill 120 text of the Book of Mormon itself refers to several other sets of plates: * The brass plates -- originally owned by Laban, containing the writings of Old Testament prophets up to the time shortly before the Babylonian Exile, as well as the otherwise unknown prophets Zenos and Zenoch, and possibly others. * The plates of Where To Buy Alli Cheap Nephi (sometimes the "large plates of Nephi") -- the source of the text abridged by Mormon and engraved upon Buy Alli Cheap the Golden Plates. * The small plates of Nephi -- the source of the First Book of Nephi, the Second Book of Nephi, the Book of Jacob, the Book of Enos, the Book of Jarom, and the Book of Omni, which Best Price For Alli replaced the lost 116 pages. * The twenty-four plates found by the people of Limhi containing the record of the Jaredites, translated Alli Buy Uk by King Mosiah and abridged by Moroni as the Book of Ether. In addition to plates relating to the Book of Mormon, Best Price Alli Smith acquired a